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“Matt’s fitness regime changed my life. From him, I’ve learned to be flexible and enjoy the process without feeling too stressed about it. I’ve lost 35 lbs and I’m very happy because I’ve never been this lean before. The best thing about Matt is that he truly cares about his clients and puts the effort to focus on the goals you have. Thank you sir.”

- Sergio


“Working with Matt made it so easy for me to understand nutrition and fitness. He walked me through every step of the way, and I was able to lose 45lbs working with him. More important than that, he gave me the knowledge on how my body is most efficient so that I can become self sufficient in working out, losing weight and making my body the best version of itself.”

- Pat


For anyone on the fence, toying with or teetering on the edge of the idea of a trainer - do it, do it with Matt. Your future self will thank you for it. And when I say future self, I mean future you a year from new. 5 years. 10 year. 20 to 30 years even. Matt has the ability to change the way you look at fitness forever. And he can do it in a few months. 


Ipso facto - commit to what this man has to say. You won’t just live a fuller self. You’ll live a fuller life. Salud. 

- Manny


Just do what he says! Just listen to him! Matt does the hard part. He’s brilliant when it comes to structuring enjoyable workouts and finding ways to make your way of eating sustainable and personalized to you so that you're successful. Listen to to him for 2 weeks and you won’t turn back. Trust.

- Ben


“Matt helped me change my life forever. I struggled to lose weight for a while and it was important to me to get in shape and join back in the military after two years of being out. Not only did I lose weight but I gained knowledge and discipline with food. I got to enjoy foods I thought I would never be able to eat while on a diet. I lost around 15 lbs while at the same time getting stronger and leaner. Matt will help you achieve that goal and it will stick with you forever. I look forward to keep working with him and keep learning. Thank you Matt “

- Mark


"I did not expect to see results so quickly and I've never felt or looked better. Matt has truly helped me find my most confident self."

- Lauren


"Matt taught me how to eat in a way that allows me to enjoy every meal I eat while still consistently hitting my calorie/macronutrient goals daily. Getting me one step closer to my ideal body."

- Dylan


"Coming into coaching I already had a basic understanding of fitness but found myself hitting a harsh plateau when it came to seeing the results I wanted. Matt was able to create a plan for me where I was actually eating more food on a daily basis than I had eaten in years. Yet still, I was able to lose weight slowly with just some cardio mixed in overtime. He made everything so simple and gave me the exact answers I was hoping to find in coaching."

- Niko


"When I joined Matt a few months ago, I came in with a decent understanding of how my body reacted to certain exercises and movements. Matt not only personalized a lifting program that played into what I knew worked for me, but also one that incorporated a flexible approach to nutrition that allowed me to consistently hit my daily goals. Which ultimately was the driving force in achieving the physique I was looking for."

- Kieran


"Matt's programs are thorough and strategic. He pushed me to my limits physically and helped me uncover my true potential."

- Ryan


“Matt adheres to your demands by being flexible and understanding. He made losing nearly 40 pounds actually enjoyable. Get yourself right.” 

- Sean


"On top of giving me challenging workouts and the right nutrition advice based on my body type. Matt makes it clear that he's been there before, understanding the ups and downs of progress. He is the perfect guy to talk to when I am struggling as he motivates me to train harder & to stay on track day by day."

- Connor

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